About us

Times11 News is a news portal  with its headquarter in the state RAMGARH, JHARKHAND. Times11 News comes as a refreshing change to the existing plethora of channels abiding by the caption that it stands for “your time, your news”. portal’s strength has been to provide in-depth regional content, aided by the latest technologies. The portal has taken a lead in raising people oriented & basic issues, which is related to all segments of society. Since the inception of “Times11 News, it has been watched widely across both the states of Jharkhand / Bihar & simultaneously other states as well. The channel has created a strong bond with its target viewers. Times11 News offers city centric news and updates that informs, entertains & educates the people. A regional news channel, by its character, speaks the heart of the people and, therefore, it is the most potent means to reach their mind.

The corporate address of the portal is “EIDGAH ROAD, CHITARPUR,RAMGARH, JHARKHAND”.

  • Times11 News believes in news with impact. News that touches you, me and masses is the basic brief. It has an innovative programming mix and content reigns supreme in this channel. “Content is king” is the cornerstone of Times11 News basic foundation as it comes from none other than the promoter himself who has been a journalist before becoming an entrepreneur. The basic USP of the portal is to provide news differently; giving it the best in depth coverage as far as regional space is concerned. Not only the channel has done well in the breaking news space but also well when it comes to interactivity. Our programming is designed to cater to a wide range of audience’s right from school children to office goers, from a house wife to businessmen/ women, from a budding sportsperson to entertainment seekers in different time slots.

  • The channel not only takes up people oriented issues, thereby providing a platform to the aggrieved masses but also takes their voices to the corridors of power. We demand solutions from the ruling class rather than accepting political answers.

  • One of the features that make the channel completely different is the campaign stories that it has done and taking every campaign to its logical conclusion.

  • As we continue to grow, we intend to focus more on the different cities in the different time slots.